Bonang Matheba’s Revlon TV Commercial

Not only is she on the cover of every magazine, has a skyscraper of a billboard in the heart of Johannesburg, Bonang Matheba has a TV commercial that I saw for the first time tonight on TV. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend her announcement dinner as the new ambassador for Revlon, because I was in Dubai, joining international celebrities such as Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone. At only 26, she has achieved so much, and the TV commercial is just another feather in her Phlip Traecy Hat. While she is currently on vacation, her television commercial sees her putting on her Tom Ford heels getting ready for her Revlon red carpet moment, with the voice over saying, “I get to wear some beautiful shoes, and be on some best dressed lists.” Revlon stock just went up! Congratulations B! I’m proud of you! And as you say, “I’m ready!” So are we. We are ready for the Revlon Revolution.


  1. Themba

    Wow gal B* u such a gud example 2 all the young girls. Being a hard worker nd benefit. Keep it up! I’m ur fun because you know you story smart gal.

  2. You have such a way with words, Thulane! I loved the commercial since the first night I saw (well I basically love anything B* does, don’t judge). I am so incredibably proud of my B* and I know her partnership with Revlon will reach great heights! :-)

  3. Tshepang mokgojwa

    U go gal,u r a true ambasador i cnt lie,diz achivmnts made us 2 keep our head’s over nd strive 4 wt we bliv in…thnx 4 da inspiration

  4. oros


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