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“On 3 everyone say Moët Moments!”

There is nothing more opulent than a room filled with beautiful people sipping on champagne. And when I say champagne, I mean the world’s most loved champagne…Moët & Chandon. Sunday, saw Johannesburg’s crème de la crème come out to watch the Roland Garros Men’s Final. Socialites, celebrities, fashionistas and business tycoons alike took in the tennis while sipping on Moët & Chandon. Do yourself a favour and search the hashtag #MoëtAList on Instagram, and you will see how much fun everyone had. The event was nothing short of that; A-List. It was a day of celebration and glamour. Ladies were requested to wear cream and gold, which does wonders for pictures and just made everything so much more elegant. Mother nature also played her part by showing off with a beautiful sunny day at The Munro Boutique Hotel. My epic #MoëtMoment was the joy and excitement when the giant Moët & Chandon golden bubble balloons were brought down from the enchanting courtyard to the infinity pool of the hotel. Being one to always celebrate each and every moment, I grabbed hold of them and they made for a sensational memory. I felt like Kendall Jenner on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet! My motto in life is: do everything and anything to get the picture, otherwise you are just left with the memory. I think the best picture for the day has to be the group shot of all the guests raising their flutes and toasting to a remarkable day celebrating with glamourous, stylish people, incredible tennis and #MoëtMoments that will last a lifetime. Until we Moët again! Share your #MoëtMoment below, I would love to read your stories.

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